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LaserSmile by Biolase

The LaserSmile by Biolase is the latest innovation in tooth whitening. The LaserSmile is a laser activated bleaching system that can effectively whiten teeth up to six shades whiter in one office visit! LaserSmile teeth whitening treatments usually take less than an hour from start to finish. Each bleaching session is broken down into two individual applications with the duration of the first application being 16 minutes and the second 8 minutes. This means that the cumulative exposure of the patient’s teeth to the LaserSmile teeth whitening gel is 24 minutes. Pre- and post-treatment preparations and activities round the total treatment time up to about an hour or slightly less, whereas most other systems require 60 minutes or more. Results are immediate.

If you have questions about LaserSmile, please contact our office about our entire tooth whitening options.