Digital X-Rays

Gendex X-Ray Sensor

Thanks to new technology we are able to take x-rays with up to 90% less radiation than from older conventional equipment. Dr. Beougher utilizes advanced digital x-ray sensors by Gendex. Designed with our patient’s comfort and safety in mind, the Gendex x-ray sensor’s special drop-like shape, smooth and round corners follow the anatomical shape of the oral cavity, simplifying sensor positioning and optimizing patient comfort. The ergonomic shape allows accurate sensor positioning and provides precise digital results.

The advantages of digital x-rays:

    • Up to 90% less radiation than older conventional equipment
    • Ergonomic shape provides maximum patient comfort
  • Instant imaging allows Dr. Beougher to carry out the best treatment in cases where time is critical (root canals, Implantology, and oral surgery)
  • Eliminates need for film development and hazardous liquid disposal
  • Superior diagnostic qualities
  • Images are easily shared for insurance needs

For more information about digital x-rays, please contact our office.