3D Imaging


Cone Beam 3-D Imaging


Dental Implants and Extractions

When considering dental implants or extraction of unwanted teeth, the GENDEX GXCB-500 is our most valuable technological tool. Blending innovation with patient comfort, the GENDEX GXCB-500 produces immediate three-dimensional images of patients’ critical anatomy, typically in less than one minute. The GENDEX GXCB-500 provides complete views of all oral and maxillofacial structures and allows our dentists to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

With the GENDEX GXCB-500 our dentists are able to evaluate and analyze critical anatomy for implants, within minutes right in our office. We are then able to optimize implant treatment and placement and selection of the most suitable implant type, size, location, and angulations prior to surgery.

The GENDEX GXCB-500 provides precise, cross-sectional slices of any desired location in the maxilla or mandible with exact anatomical information, including dimensions and locations. 3-D images assist in determining if bone grafting or sinus lift is warranted in areas of insufficient bone for the implant procedure.

The GENDEX GXCB-500 is also a valuable diagnostic tooth when evaluating the position, location, and angulations of third molars (wisdom teeth). The highly accurate three-dimensional images give our dentist, Dr. Beougher, important information prior to the safe removal of unwanted teeth.

TMJ Analysis The GENDEX GXCB-500’s ability to provide three-dimensional images of the condyles and surrounding structures allows for complete analysis and diagnosis of bone morphology, joint space, and function – all critical to TMJ dysfunction treatment and care.

The GENDEX GXCB-500 is an invaluable diagnostic tool for Dr. Beougher when treating TMJ disorders. High-speed scans capture TMJ open jaw views quickly and accurately. If you have any questions about the GENDEX GXCB-500, please contact our office for additional information.