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At Willow Bend Dental in Plano, children dentistry is approached with passion and care. Our mission is to provide a dental experience that helps children establish healthy oral routines.

Plano pediatric dentist, Dr. Beougher, creates beautiful smiles and healthy teeth and gums for children of all ages by providing a safe, relaxing, fun, and educational experience for children and their parents.

We understand that some children are afraid of going to the dentist. While our main focus is attending to the oral health of your child, we also make every effort to have the experience be a comfortable and positive one, to build trust with your child by treating him or her as we would a member of our own family.

Oral Health Recommendations for Children Dentistry

    • Teeth Cleaning: Baby teeth should be cleaned as soon as they emerge. Clean your baby’s teeth with a soft washcloth or gauze after every bottle or meal. When more than one tooth erupts, you can soak a small-bristled child-sized (age-appropriate) toothbrush in warm water before using it on your baby’s teeth, as instructed by your Plano pediatric dentist. Baby teeth should be brushed using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Use water without fluoride until approximately six months of age.
    • Tooth Brushing should commence as soon as your child has the coordination to do so. Replace toothbrushes every two to three months. Children’s teeth should be brushed after they are given medicine. Acids contained in medicines may eat away at tooth enamel, which serves as a natural protective coating for the teeth.
    • First Dental Visit: It is important that your child see our Plano dentist by his or her’s first birthday to establish a long-term dental hygiene and professional dental cleaning plan. We recommend a minimum of two visits per year.
    • Dental Sealants are used to protect teeth from decay and are appropriate as soon as a tooth erupts.
    • Fluoride Treatments area major component in the prevention of childhood dental cavities. This is because fluoride alters the molecular structure of the tooth, making it more resistant to acid attack and decay.
    • Dental Flossing: Parent-assisted dental flossing should commence when two teeth erupt next to each other. Independent flossing should occur when children have the ability to do it on their own (often by six years of age).
    • Orthodontics may be appropriate by seven years of age.

For Your Child’s Comfort

Because having a pain-free and fun experience at the dentist is Willow Bend Dental’s top priority, we offer:

  • Kids movies
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • A loving and caring staff

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