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At-Home Teeth Whitening Plano

Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, brighter smile received from teeth whitening. The whitening toothpastes at the grocery store just can’t give you the whitest possible smile. In fact, they can actually wear enamel away from abrasiveness. Today’s at-home bleaching methods are safe for the teeth and surrounding soft tissues, and you can have overnight results!

Willow Bend Dental uses the latest technology from Zoom! NiteWhite (formerly Discus Dental called Nite White Excel 3). NiteWhite is a liquid gel that safely and effectively whitens your teeth while wearing customized bleaching trays for five days, for only 1-hour for a day. This whitening program is especially helpful for removing stains caused by food, coffee, wine, tobacco, aging, and other sources.

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For sensitive teeth, we offer Zoom! Discuss Day White (formerly Day White Excel 3 from Discus Dental). Zoom! Discuss Day White is a low sensitivity daytime tooth whitener that is used for only thirty minutes twice a day. The delicious cool mint flavor comes in a 9.5% hydrogen peroxide concentration.

If you have questions about our Plano tooth whitening and bleaching, please contact our office for more information.

Laser Whitening – LaserSmile™ by Biolase

Willow Bend Dental was the first Plano dentist office to offer laser whitening in 1996. If you want your teeth whiter instantly, The LaserSmile by Biolase is the technology for you. LaserSmile teeth whitening treatments usually take two hours from start to finish. Each whitening session is broken down into two individual applications with the duration of the first application being 16 minutes and the second 8 minutes. This means that the cumulative exposure of the patient’s teeth to the LaserSmile teeth whitening gel is 24 minutes. Teeth can lighten up to six shades whiter!

If you have questions about our Plano teeth whitening systems, please contact our office for more information.

Why Should I Use Professional Teeth Whitening?

Are stains on your teeth making you conscious about your smile? Do you find yourself covering your mouth while talking or laughing because of yellow teeth?

While natural remedies may be useful for removing surface-level stains, they often fail to treat deeper stains. And if used incorrectly, they might even damage your teeth.

At Willow Dental Bend, we offer Professional Teeth Whitening treatment in Plano, TX. Our treatments can make your teeth several shades whiter. We can help you get back your beautiful smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tooth whitener is used with the LaserSmile™ teeth whitening system?

The LaserSmile teeth whitening system uses a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel, which boasts a 37% hydrogen peroxide concentration. In comparison, at home teeth whitening kits usually contain 3 to 10% hydrogen peroxide. This difference in peroxide concentration is why professional teeth whitening treatment can achieve whiter results more rapidly.

How long will it take to whiten my teeth?

The time it will take to whiten your teeth will depend on the treatment you choose. Most people only need their teeth bleached once, as Laser Teeth Whitening can whiten up to six shades in one session. Each teeth whitening session is broken down into four individual applications of the teeth whitener: two applications on the top teeth and two applications on the bottom teeth. The duration of the first application is 16 minutes and the second application is 8 minutes. This means that the total exposure of the patient’s teeth to the LaserSmile teeth whitening gel is a total of 24 minutes on the top teeth and 24 minutes on the bottom teeth, a total of 48 minutes. Pre- and post-treatment preparations and activities that surround the treatment usually cause the treatment to last about two hours.

How should I prepare for teeth whitening?

Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly during the days leading up to the appointment. Also, avoid doing any at-home treatment without your dentist’s consultation.

After the treatment, it’s common to feel some sensitivity. Switch to a sensitive toothpaste to manage any post-treatment discomfort.

People also ask:

What is the best teeth whitening product on the market?

Zoom! NiteWhite is the best whitening product on the market that will effectively whiten your teeth in five days. You just have to wear customized cleaning trays for five days for one hour a day.

How can I make my yellow teeth whiter naturally?

In addition to maintaining good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, you can try coconut-oil pulling or applying baking soda to whiten teeth naturally.

How do you get rid of yellow teeth?

First and foremost, you should meticulously brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Also, limit your consumption of teeth-staining drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, and sugary sodas. Schedule an appointment at Willow Bend Dental for teeth Whitening in Plano, TX.

Is it safe to whiten teeth with baking soda?

Baking soda can be useful for removing surface-level stains. You should use it caustically, as it can damage your tooth enamel. However, if you have deep stains, it might not be effective. It’s best to consult your dentist for a safe teeth whitening treatment.

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