Sleep Apnea

special_snoring-300x199Do you struggle with sleep apnea and related snoring? Dental appliances, like the ones made at Willow Bend Dental, are now the primary choice of treatment recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for this condition. Dental procedures are non-invasive, a minimal expense to the patient, and are covered by many medical insurance plans. Physicians are commonly referring patients to specialized and knowledgeable dentists to help treat this potentially life-threatening condition.

Before Dr. Beougher prescribes an oral appliance for your particular problem, a variety of diagnostic procedures will be necessary. A comprehensive evaluation of your oral structures including the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint), gums, teeth, and muscles will be performed along with x-rays. We may also recommend a sleep study, if you haven’t already had one.

For questions about snoring and sleep apnea, please contact our office for more information.