Mouth Guards

what_other_sports_mouthguardsAs an athlete, having a custom mouthguard instead of a basic ‘boil-and-bite’ version will provide an ultimate level of comfort, fit, and protection. At Willow Bend Dental, our professional-grade mouthguards are thin and low-profile, so they won’t interfere with speech or breathing, and they will last longer than the alternative.

Having a custom-made mouthguard by Willow Bend Dental will also go a long way to prevent tooth breakage from impact. Our mouthguards are made using a laminating process that incorporates heat and pressure, unlike the versions available over the counter. Don’t take a shortcut when it comes to your teeth or your children’s teeth. Insist on the very best, a professional, custom sports mouthguard from Willow Bend Dental.

To learn more about the best choice in sport-related mouthguards, please contact us.