lumineers - willow bend dental - plano, tx cosmetic dentistThe #1 patient-requested veneers in the world!

If you’re contemplating veneers, look no further than ultra-thin Lumineers! With other veneers, teeth are filed down to an irreversible size and look. With Lumineers, however, there is no filing down of the natural teeth, though some cases might require a very minimal shaving of the teeth for fit. Lumineers are completely reversible, not that you’ll ever want to reverse them! They can last for decades, there are no food restrictions with them, they’ll instantly give you a whiter smile, and they’ve been around for over 30 years, so you can rest assured knowing that they have stood the test of time! The actual process of getting Lumineers is painless and requires just two visits, only taking an hour on average to place them. They’re as thin as a contact lens, so they will look just like your natural teeth – only better!

We call him our smile architect – Dr. Beougher is known for his ability to transform a smile! Who better to place your Lumineers? He will give you his honest assessment and will let you know if Lumineers are right for you. If they are, he will help you choose the ideal shade and look at your first visit. The next visit is when they’re bonded to your natural teeth to get you the new and improved smile you desire and deserve!

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