Gum Lift

Restore Your Smile With A Gum Lift Procedure

gum lift - plano, tx - willow bend dentalPlano cosmetic dentist will restore your gums to a healthy state


Healthy pink gum tissue compliments and frames the teeth. Gum tissue that is red, swollen, or uneven detracts from teeth that are otherwise healthy. At Willow Bend Dental, our first order of business is to get the gums into a healthy state. Dr. Beougher’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry in Plano, and his trained team of hygienists will restore the gums to a perfectly healthy state.

Once the gum tissue is healthy and back to its pink hue, we will cosmetically evaluate the gum line for the proper contours of tissue. A common problem is unsymmetrical gum tissue, which makes the teeth appear to be of different lengths. Dr. Beougher is often able to perform minimal contouring of the gum tissue to a more aesthetically balanced appearance. This procedure is called a gum lift. Generally, gum tissue heals quickly with little discomfort.

The cosmetic gum lift is a remarkably simple cosmetic procedure that can make a tremendous difference to one’s smile. After numbing the gums, a soft tissue laser is used to strip away the excess gum tissue, the gums are re-contoured, and then sealed to create the ideal shape. The soft tissue laser can also help prevent future infections by eliminating any hollows that trap bacteria.

There is no need to live with the smile you have. If you have concerns or aren’t satisfied with your smile, modern technology allows numerous treatment options to improve the appearance of your teeth!

Am I a candidate?

A gum lift is typically performed when:

  • The gums do not move back naturally when a new tooth emerges.
  • The lip is unusually high such that the gum line becomes clearly visible.
  • There are problems: periodontitis, dryness and tooth decay beyond a certain extent can necessitate the procedure.
  • There is irritation due to the presence of braces.
  • There is abnormal wear and tear of the teeth which in turn makes the normal gum line look abnormal.

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