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Fillings in Plano TX
If you’ve noticed a decay or cavity in your tooth, immediately consult Willow Bend Dental. It is easier to fix a tooth decay early on. Ignoring it would spread the decay to the root and lead to serious problems.

Being specialists for dental filling in Plano, TX, we are able to place composite filling that’s the same color as your tooth. Even during regular check-ups, our dentists always look for any sign of decay. Detecting tooth decay in its initial stage can be fixed by placing a small composite filling. Our dental fillings are durable, tooth-colored, and designed to retain the natural structure of a tooth.

With proper oral hygiene practices, regular dental cleaning, and checkups, you can keep cavities at bay. In most cases, our dentists can identify decays before they become problematic.

Composite Fillings in Plano, TX

Willow Bend Dental does not offer mercury silver fillings. Dr. Beougher believes that tooth colored composite fillings are a stronger and healthier filling choice for our patients. The tooth colored material is metal free and made from a plastic resin. They are extremely durable, tissue compatible, kind to the opposing teeth, and stain resistant. Tooth colored fillings allow us to preserve the greatest amount of natural tooth enamel, and perhaps more importantly, they are made from inert non-toxic ingredients.

Composite dental fillings are a superior choice. If you have mercury silver fillings, our dentists are happy to replace them with composite fillings. We safely remove old fillings and place tooth-colored composite dental fillings. We want to help our patients smile freely without feeling conscious about garish mercury fillings.

Dental Fillings What to Expect

Harmful bacteria build up because of poor brushing and flossing habits lead to tooth decay and cavities.

If you’re nervous about dental fillings, there is no need to be! Placing composite dental fillings in a simple and painless process. It usually takes less than an hour. After a checkup, our dentist will administer a local anesthetic to prevent any discomfort. Then the dentist will carefully remove the decay from your tooth. They will then mix a composite resin that matches closely to your natural tooth color. Once the mix is ready, they will fill the tooth with the material. Next, the composite material will be hardened using a UV light for 30 seconds. If required, the doctor may make some adjustments to improve the bite.

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Are you experiencing sharp pain in your tooth? Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks? It’s best to consult Willow Bend Dental as soon as you notice signs of tooth decay. Otherwise, it will escalate and you may require a root canal or other invasive and expensive dental procedures. Schedule an appointment today.

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