5 Reasons To Come To Willow Bend Dental

Plano Dentist, Willowbend Dental
  • Willow Bend Dental has been creating beautiful smiles in Plano for over 32 years.
  • Dr. Beougher has performed over 2500 Smile Lift procedures, helping patients look several years younger in just one day.
  • Dr. Beougher's expertise is recognized by the cosmetic dental community, and he actually taught cosmetic dentistry at NYU.
  • Your Smile Lift consultation is complimentary, and we can show you a virtual trial smile of what your end results will look like.
  • We have the latest in technology available in cosmetic dentistry, including digital radiography, intraoral videography, computerized smile imaging, and much more!

We Will Exceed Your Every Expectation!

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