Ways to Keep Your Smile Bright This Holiday

Ways to Keep Your Smile Bright This Holiday 1


Ways to Keep Your Smile Bright This Holiday

It is no easy task to maintain healthy habits during the holiday season! This time of year is full of holiday parties and temptation, and we are so busy shopping and gift wrapping that we often forget to devote time to maintaining our families’ healthy routines.

Willow Bend Dental has a few tooth-friendly tips to help you and your family take care of your smile this holiday season.

  • Sugary sweets are inevitable this time of year. If you choose to indulge, it is best to have sweet treats during or shortly after mealtime, when our saliva production is increased which helps rinse away some of the sugary food particles that are left on the teeth.
  • We all could use an energy boost during the holidays, but try to avoid sugary sodas and energy drinks. It is best to stick to water! You can add citrus, berries, and mint to enhance the flavor and to add a festive touch. As for alcohol, try to limit your intake and drink water alongside as too much can cause dry mouth.
  • Do not use your teeth to open gifts, packages, knots, etc. You could crack your teeth, injure your jaw, or swallow something you didn’t intend to!
  • Stocking stuffers are a great way to give dental hygiene products such as an electric or traditional toothbrush, floss, etc. If you put candy in your stockings, try to stick to chocolate since it does not stick to the teeth as much as hard or chewy candies.
  • For a whiter smile in a flash, try wearing a red lipstick with a blue undertone. This combination of colors plays a trick on the eyes and makes the teeth appear whiter and brighter!

To ensure you and your family stay mouth-healthy throughout the entire year, stick to your routine! We recommend two visits per year with exams, x-rays, and cleanings.

If you have a dental benefit plan or a flex spending account, don’t let those benefits go to waste! Call our Plano office at (972) 964-5686 or click here to schedule your next appointment!


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