For Those Who are too Exhausted to Brush Before Bed

For Those Who are too Exhausted to Brush Before Bed 1

Do you always remember to brush your teeth before you go fall asleep at night?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to brush and floss your teeth before bed every night, to keep your teeth healthy and cavity free. That being said, Willow Bend Dental understands that there are those nights where you get home from a long day and all you feel like doing is jumping in bed without brushing your teeth. This is not a good habit to develop and I bet you are shocked to know that when you go to bed without brushing your teeth, that is actually the equivalent of going to bed with feces in your mouth! Yuck!

Willow Bend Dental wants to help you keep your teeth clean and bacteria free so below we have provided a few tips and tricks you can use on the nights you’re too exhausted to brush your teeth before bed:

  • Keep a toothbrush by your bedside. You don’t need toothpaste; just do a quick, dry brush while lying in bed to help break up the plaque on your teeth.
  • Keep a flossing stick in the drawer of your nightstand along with the toothbrush.
  • Run your tongue over your teeth. By doing this, you will create a habit of wanting your teeth to feel smooth and clean, that way when you start to feel plaque buildup, you will want to remove it by brushing your teeth before falling asleep.

Taking two minutes to brush and floss before bed will save you years of dental pain! Make sure that you are also getting your biannual cleaning in and call Willow Bend Dental today to schedule your appointment. 

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