Tobacco & Teeth

Tobacco & Teeth 1

Everyone is aware of how greatly tobacco affects your immune system, but have you realized how harmful it is for your oral health too?

Last month (April) was Oral Cancer Awareness month, bringing awareness to how important it is to have oral cancer screenings during your cleaning, to watch out for early signs of cancer. By using tobacco or smoking, you are putting yourself more at risk in developing oral cancer, especially if you use smokeless tobacco.

Besides oral cancer, smoking and tobacco can have many other impacts o your oral health including:

  • stained teeth and tongue
  • dulled sense of taste and smell
  • makes it hard to recover from tooth extraction or surgery
  • hard to correct cosmetic dental issues
  • gum disease and tooth decay

Quitting is the only way to decrease your risk of developing these tobacco-related health problems, but the first critical step you must take is visiting your local Plano dentist. Dentists and dental hygienists will have a crucial plan to help you start the process. Everyone wants white teeth and a healthy mouth so with help from your dental office, you can achieve all of these. Having a support system in place and keeping yourself occupied by exercising or chewing gum can also help you on your journey to quitting. You can also consult your dentist at Willow Bend Dental to see if there are medications available that would help halt tobacco use.

If you have any questions about how you can better protect your smile, contact Willow Bend Dental today!

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