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Some patients get to a point in their life where they look in the mirror and are unhappy with their smile. Maybe they’ve grinded their teeth down over the years, maybe orthodontics did work in the long run, or perhaps they have Tetracycline staining they’ve had since childhood.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, call Willow Bend Dental for a free cosmetic consultation. At Willow Bend Dental, our Plano, TX dentist Dr. Ritchie Beougher and Dr. Jeremy McKinnis offer multiple forms of cosmetic dentistry. This includes cosmetic veneers, dental implants and Dr. Beougher’s trademark, SmileLift procedure!

SmileLift Procedure For A New & Improved Smile

With Smilelift, patients get a smile that’s wider, brighter and provides a smile that can impress even Hollywood. Many patients have said that the Smilelift procedure can make them look 10 years younger in just one day!

Plano, Texas dentist Dr. Beougher has developed a revolutionary cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps address the signs of aging. As people age, the lower half of the face tends to sag because the lower half of the face muscles lose their tone and wrinkles develop. The anti-aging SmileLift™ is Dr. Beougher’s technique of rebuilding smiles by bonding individual porcelain veneers to each tooth. With his artistic background, Dr. Beougher suggests the color, length, size, and fullness of each new veneer.

Dr. Beougher has been performing this procedure for year that may reduce wrinkles, while increasing self-esteem and confidence!

The first step in the SmileLift process is for Plano, Texas dentist Dr. Beougher to show patients their new smile using “Trial Smile” technology. After patient’s approval, Dr. Beougher then duplicates their one-of-a-kind smile in exquisitely translucent porcelain according to the patient’s wishes. This way the patient receives their dream smile!

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